Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration Contractor in Charleston South Carolina  - historic1Beautiful Historical Restoration Services for Charleston, SC and Surrounding Areas

Bring history back to life with our superior workmanship. Every building tells a story and at Elite Construction we do our best to retell those stories through our historical restoration services. Being a full service historic restoration contractor, our team specializes in complete interior and exterior restoration work for all types of older buildings. For over 25 years, our team has been restoring buildings back to their natural, historical beauty.


Historical Restoration Contractor in Charleston South Carolina  - historic2Our Contractors Are Dedicated to Detail, Knowledge and Education

At Elite Construction, our team has a commitment to continuous knowledge and education when dealing with historic buildings. We take great pride in our work right down to the last detail. Our team does thorough research on the building at hand, then we take our knowledge, apply our expertise and vision to preserve and restore these historical gems. When choosing Elite Construction, you can rest assured knowing that we take the time to to ensure the job is done accurately the first time, right down to the last nail.

Our team knows that if a building is over 50 years old that it’s time be restored so it can showcase its beauty. Restoring a historical building can come with a wide variety of benefits, from cultural to even economical. When a building is restored to its natural historic style, communities can marvel the architecture and appreciate those generations that have lived before us. A building’s architecture is like a time machine; it can give us a glimpse into the past.

Economically, the historic buildings, located in a historic district, have been proven to be higher in property value than their non-historic counterparts. Recently, the preservation of historic business has been proven to be good for sustaining the local economy, such as creating jobs or even generating money. Studies have shown that as a society, we value historical homes and buildings much more due to the representation of history.

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