Energy Efficiency

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Introducing the Most Advanced New Building Product Available!

What if there were a new form of wall system that replaces both traditional “stick-frame” construction methods and inefficient insulation techniques? Structured Insulated Panels, or ‘SIPS,’ are the newest innovation in the construction industry for buildings walls, floors, and roofing. As opposed to complicated and weak ‘stick-frame’ methods that allow for significant air transfer, ‘SIP’ panels provide a complete air seal and are 2 to 3 times stronger!

Energy Efficiency - Elite Construction and Building  - eco4Why use Structured Insulated Panels? 

The short answer is simple: it will save you money. Energy costs are rising every year, and homeowners are feeling the effects in their monthly heating and cooling bills. With SIPS, you can expect an energy savings of up to 50%! Created by injecting polyurethane foam between two panels of siding material, SIP panels provide the best thermal/structural envelope available today.

Energy Efficiency - Elite Construction and Building  - doe1“This is the most advanced structural insulated panel on the market today”

– US Dept. of Energy Building Scientists

Energy Efficiency - Elite Construction and Building  - corner1The innovative Eco-Panel corner panel.

The weakest part of any structure is where two walls come together, and this can leave your home susceptible to damage from earthquakes, high winds, and other natural risks. The patented Eco-Panel corner panel eliminates this problematic weak point, making the structure of a home up to three times stronger than those built with traditional ‘stick-frame’ methods. Additionally, this method is easier to construct and provides continuous insulation, saving you money both on construction costs and ongoing energy costs!

What about safety?

Another amazing benefit to Eco-Panel SIP panels is that they are inherently safer than stick frame constructed buildings. Besides the previously mentioned improvement in structural integrity and their greater load capacity, Eco-Panels reduce the risk of fire by reducing air flow within walls. With no air in the wall to fuel the fire, you can expect a noticeable improvement in fire code ratings. Additionally, Eco-Panels contain no styrene or formaldehyde, known carcinogens that are found in many of the competitor's SIP panels.

What are the some of the other benefits?

  • Up to three times the level of insulation compared to spray foam or fiberglass.
  • Improved durability means wall systems are less prone to breaking under human or environmental abuse.
  • Simple attach and seal mechanisms allow for simpler and faster construction.
  • Pre-installed electrical switches and outlet boxes allow electricians to quickly snake wire.
  • Pre-constructed panels means job sites are kept clean & well organized.
  • SIP panels are versatile and work with a wide range of siding options.
  • A quieter home - absence of air transfer also means a reduction in sound transfer.

Energy Efficiency - Elite Construction and Building  - eco2(1)Stronger, safer, and more efficient.

At Elite Construction and Building, we provide expert construction services using Eco-Panels innovative and affordable Structured Insulated Panels. Our experienced team can help guide you on the path to building a home that is stronger, safer, and highly efficient. 

For more information about SIP panels, or to schedule a free design consultation, contact Elite Construction and Building today.